We believe that a more just world is coming, but it cannot come without help. 

We are a community of organizers with backgrounds working in a diverse range of issues on local, state, national, and international levels. After the 2016 election, we saw that progressive people were looking for a way to act on the issues they cared about, but didn't necessarily have a clear path to do so. We wanted to help provide strategic training for helping them achieve those goals, and ultimately, strengthen the progressive movement overall — not just in our country's current moment, but for the long-term future. Thus Rising Organizers was born. 



We work to develop new progressive leaders and activists in order to create more effective progressive movements.


Our vision

We envision a United States where the progressive movement is strong and strategic, and where the people have the power to engage on the issues that ignite their hearts. 


Our Values

We believe that every individual has power, and has the ability to build more. 

We believe that organizing should be available to everyone. Organizing is not a limited resource. 

We believe in developing others to do the work they care about. 

We trust in, learn from, and collaborate with local organizers. 

We believe that a more just world is coming, but it cannot come without help. 

Attending the training allowed me to further strategize how to achieve my goal. RO also provides an open place for me to discuss challenges I’ve faced in goal setting and engage in meaningful dialogue with RO members and participants.
— Neha, Public Training participant

What We've Achieved

  • Since the 2016 election, we have trained over 1700 people through our public trainings and fellowship.

  • We have completed three cohorts of our fellowship, with a combined 37 graduates.

  • We have partnered with dozens of organizations across the DMV to provide trainings, strategic advice, and more.

  • Hannah, one of our first Rising Organizers fellows, recently spoke about her organizing experience by invitation of Leader Nancy Pelosi.

  • Calvin, a fellow from our Fall 2017 cohort, is now organizing with Vote16DC to lower the voting age in DC to 16 years old. He directly attributes his shift into organizing to the Rising Organizers fellowship.