We provide mentorship, training, and strategy consulting work to progressive organizers and groups, new and old.

We provide free public trainings on organizing skills and strategy, as well as run an intensive fellowship program to train new activists to become more skilled organizers. Our fellows have gone on to organize around issues including healthcare, protection of scientific education, and immigration. 

Read more about each of our core programs below. We are currently based in the DC area, with more locations to come. 


Public Trainings

Since the 2016 US presidential election, Rising Organizers has trained over 1,700 new activists. As our organization is built on the belief that everyone has the power to create change, our free public trainings are designed to ensure that the skills needed to harness that power are accessible to all.

Led by alumni of Rising Organizers' fellowship program, these trainings help individuals develop the skills they need to become progressive leaders and activists and build strong movements. Trainings vary in content from basic strategy, storytelling, how to have strategic one-on-one conversations, and how to identify and focus on the issues most important to you.

In 2019, we're offering 13 unique trainings:

Basic Training (offered multiple times throughout the year):

  • Organizing 101 (1/26/19, 4/8/19, 7/19, 10/19)

Intermediate Trainings (recommended to take Organizing 101 first):

  • Storytelling for Organizing (2/23/19)

  • Building Relationships for Organizing (2/24/19)

  • Tough Questions for Organizers (3/24/19)

  • Base Building for Organizing (5/19)

  • Leadership Development for Organizers (6/19)

  • Developing an Effective Organizing Goal (6/19)

  • Organizing Campaign Planning (7/19)

  • Organizing Action Tactics (8/19)

  • Communications for Organizing (9/19)

  • Digital Organizing (10/19)

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Organizing (11/19)

  • Storytelling Part 2: Power, Strategy, and Organizing (12/19)

For information about our public trainings, please follow our Eventbrite page or sign up for our listerv. If there is a public training you’d like to request, please contact us.



We provide training, strategic support, consulting, and individual and group mentorship to existing organizations. We work with “resistance” organizations that are new to organizing but are capitalizing on the groundswell of activism following the 2016 election. We also work with organizations that are expanding their organizing work, or pivoting their existing infrastructure to create a broader organizing infrastructure.

We use engaging activities, real-world examples, and equity- and justice-centered methods to build relevant and meaningful grassroots organizing skills. Rising Organizers has a suite of 13 unique, complementary modules that can be customized to meet your needs. In addition to our pre-existing curriculum, we also have the ability to develop new content specifically for your organization.

Our support comes in many forms:

  • Bootcamps: Intensive day-long or multi-day in-person training sessions to build organizing skills

  • Workshops: Three-hour in-person training sessions on a particular topic, and can be done one at a time or as part of a series

  • Webinars: One- or two-hour online training sessions for participants who aren’t able to meet in the same place

  • Coaching Sessions: Regular in-person meetings or video calls to provide ongoing support and strategic advice as participants put their new organizing skills into practice

All services are tailored to meet your needs and objectives. Prices will vary depending on the length of the service, the content, and the number of participants. We work on a sliding cost scale to allow easier access to training for marginalized and disenfranchised groups. To learn more, please see our one-pager.

If you are part of a group that is interested in these services, please contact us and provide as many details about your group and what you are looking for as possible. It’s not necessary for you to know exactly what you need before contacting us -- it’s our job to help you figure it out.


Rising Organizers Fellowship

Rising Organizers’ free fellowship program brings together 10 - 15 rising organizers from the DC/MD/VA area for an 8-session program, which meets every two weeks over a 16-week period. The fellowship is designed to allow rising progressive organizers to develop skills and strategies that will allow them to develop their own organizing projects. The fellowship culminates with presentations on strategic plans and actions for these projects. In addition, fellows who participate in the program will create a new community of fellow organizers, who will have access to fellowship-specific trainings following the fellowship period.